Connected Packaging

Directly connect with your consumers, open the gateway for communication and comply with regulations and legislation.


We can run your SKU and products, give you access to a real-time platform in which you can Download QR codes, view scans, scan locations, you will have access to a powerful system that allows you to:

Appetite Creative are the global leader in Connected and Interactive Packaging

Global Platform

We have created a simple no nonsense process:

  1. DISCOVER the right plan for you completing the form below
  2. INPUT your product data
  3. DOWNLOAD your 2D-QR code
  4. APPLY to your packaging
  5. OPT-IN to the Web app

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From the 1st January 2023, all products sold in France need to comply with Article 13, a component of the French Circular Economy law. This hugely complex and confusing regulation can be delivered by 2D-QR code and Appetite can now automatically deliver the required French language text by answering an additional set of questions.

Our 2D QR codes at an SKU level can support you and ensure you comply.

We also give the ability to create consumer marketing campaign, Augmented Reality Gamificationas additional elements. Once the consumer is interacting you have many possibilities to interact with them as a brand and understand their preferences and experiences of the product.

Using our ppowerful global platform we can ensure you cover recycling, sustainability and certification legalities easily.

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Why not expand the value of your packaging ans allow it to be the gate opener between you and your audience. our 2D QR Codes can do just that.

Allow your packaging to give feedback platform, to ask for their experience, what do they like, what would they like to see?

Your packaging is the perfect place to educate consumers about your sustainability goals and credentials. Here you can also ask questions and find out your consumers level of interest in sustainability and their knowledge level.

Find out the biggest questions you consumers have and answer FAQs

If you can understand your consumers better you can create products and marketing that suits them better. Tell them about new products, offer discount codes or vouchers for newlines a new flavor. The list is endless…

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With our real time platform you are able to see exactly when people are in contact with your products. Where are they scanning? When are they scanning? Here you can see how long people are engaging with your products for and what information they find most interesting. We can collect all first party information in a GDPR complaint way.

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Deliver relevant and exciting information to your consumers. Teach and educate through gamified quizzes. Engage and entertain through Augmented Reality experiences. Create communities and fun through your packaging. Talk to us today to show you how.

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